Decentralized Trials in Latin America: Applied Clinical Trials

Applied Clinical Trials Magazine published an insightful article by H Clinical President Mitchell Parrish titled Game Changer: Transformative Decentralized Clinical Trials Emerge in Latin America. The benefits of conducting research in the region are many. This article uncovers how decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) enhance the likelihood of success for global clinical trials. Expanding patient recruitment while addressing diversity is the primary advantage. But what’s more important, helping patients by providing access to medical treatments in rural areas is a huge factor. H Clinical helps patients overcome the challenge of distance in a region with some of the least reliable transportation. Investment in the region also helps communities by creating local jobs outside of cities where research sites are less accessible.

Improve Patient-Centric Experiences

The trending topic in research (and healthcare) for the past decade is patient centricity. And while we hear a lot of talk about it, there was little progress until the COVID-19 pandemic forced a change in trial modalities. DCTs were born out of necessity. And now there is a real opportunity to encourage a seismic shift: make patients the epicenter of research (instead of sites). This is happening in Latin America. The article talks extensively about how meeting patients where they are alleviates many downsides to enrollment.

Exceed Goals for Decentralized Trials in Latin America

If you make trial enrollment easier and reduce burdens on patients, it will positively impact recruitment and retention. Higher participation while helping patients overcome the challenge of distance helps improve diversity in patient populations. Everyone wins. And in Latin America, this means taking care of patients in the best possible way. To accomplish this, study sponsors need a partner to master all of the elements necessary to conduct research throughout the region.

Successfully Scale Trial Execution

The most common landmine that sponsors need to avoid when it comes to successful DCT execution: lack of localized infrastructure. The article reveals how this one common denominator can make or break research investments in Latin America. Primarily, a sound logistics and staffing strategy is needed for rural access and multi-country coverage that extends across borders. What’s more, a diverse local workforce establishes trust among the local populations and enhances care coordination. This elevates patient engagement and retention, further improving trial enrollment.

We encourage you to read the full article to hear from subject matter experts from across the region. Plus, insightful data and first-hand experiences of successful decentralized trials in Latin America will give you a stronger understanding of effective best practices for trial execution.


We provide in-home health services for clinical trials across Latin America.

H Clinical is the leader in decentralized trial support in Latin America. H Clinical empowers sponsors to reach more patients and patients to participate from the comfort of home. Through an extensive network of GCP trained home health providers, logistics infrastructure, and clinical trial coverage from the Rio Grande to Patagonia, H Clinical is bringing clinical research home.