Our in-country representation, depots, couriers, and local supplies enable sponsors, CROs, and logistics providers to execute clinical trials efficiently, cost effectively, and with peace of mind.

Depots + Logistics maximize efficiency

Infrastructure That Works

At home clinical trial services require the right infrastructure and precision coordination. Our highly qualified depot and logistics staff, including managers, technicians, and logistics coordinators, are each trained on your specific protocol requirements. And, our secure, limited access, temperature controlled and monitored depots with electricity back-up can safely store your supplies.

Supplies You Need

In-home visits for global clinical trials depend on proper navigation of importation and customs for the study drug and lab kits. Our experienced local teams are here to help. And, when importation of study supplies (e.g. portable centrifuges, pulse oximeters, and personal protective equipment) is difficult, we support local supply purchase that saves time and money.

Leverage Depots + Logistics services to turn in-home visits into reality.

  • Depots
  • Refrigerators operating at +4°C (range +2°C to +8°C)
  • Lab kit assembly
  • Local supply purchase
  • Portable centrifuges
  • Customs & importation
  • Couriers
  • Logistics coordinators
  • Travel services
  • In-Home Visits
  • Project Management

Clinical Trial Services

In-Home Visits

GCP-certified nurses, physicians, and medical technicians

Project Management

Teams fluent in clinical research, home health, and local requirements

Depots + Logistics

In-country representation, depots, and local supplies