Our in-country clinical trials storage infrastructure, distribution, couriers, and local equipment and supplies enable sponsors, CROs, and logistics providers to streamline studies, achieve more cost-effective budgets, and avoid delays.

Optimize Study Timelines. Maximize Efficiencies.

Infrastructure That Works

When it comes to effectively executing clinical research, there is one common denominator: infrastructure. The ability to scale over distance and multiple countries requires a boots-on-the-ground staffing and logistics strategy. Successful clinical trials and patient support programs require the right infrastructure and precision coordination. H Clinical offers a highly qualified logistics staff, including depot managers, storage technicians, and logistics coordinators. Each is trained on your specific project requirements. And, our secure, limited access, temperature-controlled, and monitored storage can safely warehouse your supplies.

Supplies You Need

Shipping supplies from country to country is a lengthy and expensive process. Each imported item can get held up in customs. Global clinical trials and home visits depend on proper storage of equipment, supplies, and lab kits. We manage regionally, operate locally, and have experienced in-country teams who are ready to help. Avoid time-consuming delays and unforeseen pitfalls inherent when importing equipment and supplies. Let H Clinical provide you with the peace of mind of local supply purchases and rentals that save you time and money.

Leverage storage and infrastructure services to turn clinical trials, home visits, and patient support programs into a reality.

  • Storage and depots
  • Lab kit assembly
  • Local supply purchasing
  • Local equipment rentals
  • Customs & importation
  • Couriers
  • Logistics coordinators
  • Patient Support Programs
  • Home Visits
  • Expanded Site Solutions

Our Solutions

Clinical Trial Services and Home Healthcare

Home Visits

Put patients at the center of the clinical trial experience

Patient Support Programs

Encourage adoption of patient-centered medication treatment plans

Patient Recruitment

Enhance clinical trial patient enrollment and retention

Clinical Research Staffing

Fill critical roles at sites with skilled and experienced professionals

Equipment + Supplies

Obtain high-quality, in-country medical equipment quickly

Storage + Infrastructure

Optimize timelines with in-country warehousing and logistics services