Our home health providers deliver the best patient care while following the rigors of clinical research.

Located in every country, in cities and rural communities, our GCP-trained nurses and physicians are ready to support your trial.

In-Home visits make all the difference

Expand Your Reach

Over 50% of patients do not have access to clinical trials due to research center locations. By bringing the research to the patient, we enable greater recruitment and improve clinical trial diversity. No matter the indication, complexity, duration, or geographic area, leveraging our providers will help your trial achieve its enrollment goals. Whether requiring one home health provider for your trial or several hundred, H Clinical has the largest network of home health nurses in Latin America.

Improve Your Retention

1 in 2 clinical trials have experienced patient dropout for logistical/travel issues. The Covid-19 pandemic has only exacerbated this problem. On top of this, over 30% of patients find visits to the research site stressful. H Clinical’s home visits for new or ongoing clinical trials are available as a built in or rescue option to maintain treatment schedules, ensure retention, and improve patient engagement.

Leverage in-home visit services to ensure successful trials and happy patients.

  • Patient health & study screenings
  • Informed consent discussions & documentation
  • Physicals & vital sign assessments
  • Study drug delivery & administration
  • IV infusions
  • Biological sample collection, processing, & packaging
  • Patient & caregiver study training
  • Follow up, safety, & compliance monitoring
  • Project Management
  • Depots + Logistics

Clinical Trial Services

In-Home Visits

GCP certified nurses, physicians, and medical technicians

Project Management

Teams fluent in clinical research, home health, and local requirements

Depots + Logistics

In-country representation, depots, and local supplies