Crystallize regional collaboration. Optimize research processes.

The H Clinical Integrated Site Network addresses the unique challenges faced by global pharmaceutical companies conducting clinical trials in Latin America. With sites serving South America, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean, our clinical research site network delivers a single source for successful patient recruitment and clinical trial execution. Contact us to learn more about the H Clinical research site network and together we can transform global clinical trials in Latin America.

Advance Patient Access. Deliver Exceptional Trial Results.

Build Bridges Between Sites and Sponsors

The H Clinical Integrated Site Network specializes in establishing and developing relationships that connect patients and clinical research sites to pharmaceutical companies sponsoring studies in Latin America. These invaluable relationships open doors to patient access and data for study sponsors, bring more projects to research sites across the region, and expand opportunities for patients to participate.



Enhance Patient Access and Community Engagement

Mastering the art of community engagement and expanded patient access in Latin America maximizes clinical trial reach and inclusivity. Success requires “boots on the ground” experience and firsthand knowledge of local customs and cultural nuances. H Clinical offers strategies that boost patient recruitment, enrollment, retention, and community engagement. This includes the use of pop-up mobile sites that can deploy anywhere—even hard-to-reach rural villages with underrepresented patient populations. Engaging patients in collaboration with local physicians, healthcare entities, patient advocacy groups, and care providers benefits the pursuit of patient-centric clinical research and enhances the likelihood of successfully achieving patient enrollment and retention goals.



Extend Capabilities for Clinical Research Sites

H Clinical offers a suite of comprehensive solutions that enhance various aspects of clinical trials of any size. Concerned that you won’t have enough patients? Localized patient recruitment strategies and community engagement address patient diversity challenges, and significantly improve patient enrollment and retention. Are patients too far away or unable to travel to the site (young children, dementia patients, rural rare disease population, etc.)? H Clinical features extensive experience in providing home visits across 22 countries in Latin America, which broadens reach and accessibility to patients. Not enough staff? Professional research staffing solutions by H Clinical can fill critical gaps at local sites.



Leverage our Integrated Site Network to streamline clinical trial execution for any therapeutic area.

  • Diverse patient populations
  • Engaged research cohorts
  • Broad therapeutic expertise
  • Experienced clinical trial staff
  • GxP qualified
  • 94% enrollment rate
  • 98% retention rate
  • Low dropout rate
  • Fully integrated
  • DCT optimized


Our Solutions

Clinical Trial Services and Home Healthcare

Home Visits

Put patients at the center of the clinical trial experience

Patient Support Programs

Encourage adoption of patient-centered medication treatment plans

Patient Recruitment

Enhance clinical trial patient enrollment and retention

Clinical Research Staffing

Fill critical roles at sites with skilled and experienced professionals

Equipment + Supplies

Obtain high-quality, in-country medical equipment quickly

Storage + Infrastructure

Optimize timelines with in-country warehousing and logistics services