H Clinical supports all clinical trials.
From phase I to phase IV and from traditional to decentralized, we have enabled the future of clinical research in Latin America while remaining dedicated to supporting patient-centricity in trials today.

Through home visits and supportive infrastructure, we have performed in-home services for all varieties of clinical trials across 22 countries in Latin America.

Our services are leveraged by traditional trials wishing to retain participants who relocate, become unable to travel to the research site, or who live in travel-restricted areas due to pandemic conditions;

by hybrid trials understanding the benefit of specific home visits for both the participant and the research site; by decentralized trials working to make the majority of trial visits in the home; and by completely virtual trials who must still have available resources and support ready to engage with participants in their home as needed. No matter how your trial is defined, we have the experience, resources, and scale to match your trial’s needs.


Serving your trial with in-home visit, project management, depot, and logistics services.

Phase I

Experimental drug or treatment tested in a small group of people for the first time. Researchers evaluate the drug’s safety, determine a safe dosage range, and identify side effects.

Phase II

Experimental drug or treatment tested in a larger group of people to see if it is effective and to further evaluate safety.

Phase III

Experimental drug or treatment tested in large groups of people to confirm its effectiveness, monitor side effects, compare it to commonly used treatments, and collect information that will allow the experimental drug to be used safely.

Phase IV

Approved drug or treatment is studied to provide additional information such as risks, benefits, and best use.


Trials performed entirely at a clinical research site whether a research institution, research clinic, academic medical center, or hospital.


Trials performed at a clinical research site, but also within the participant’s home. These trials often dictate which particular visits are to be performed at the clinic or in the home. Home visits are meant to reduce the stress of patients participating in the trial and reduce the burden of traveling to the site. Home visits have the added benefit of also helping research sites with staffing and space capacity, especially for high-enrolling trials.

Decentralized (DCT)

Trials performed entirely, or almost entirely, in the home. Home visits replace visits to the research site. Home visits are meant to reduce the stress of patients participating in the trial and eliminate the burden of traveling to the site. Decentralized trials eliminate or require less physical research sites and expand the geographical area of recruitment. Decentralized clinical trials may also be referred to as direct-to-patient (DTP) clinical trials.


Trials performed entirely in the home using virtual technology and direct-to-patient shipments. Home visits may or may not be required, but are a necessary consideration and component in the event that the patient or trial require in-person procedures, such as a blood draw. Ethics committees may also require a home visit plan as a condition for protocol approval. Virtual trials may be referred to, at times, as decentralized clinical trials.