Bring necessary skills to your studies. Fill gaps in core clinical research roles with professional in-country staff support.

H Clinical offers skilled study coordinators or clinical research coordinators (CRCs), clinical research associates (CRAs), and clinical research nurses (CRNs) to staff your team at sites throughout Latin America.

Enhance Your Team with H Clinical Professionals.

Patient-Centric Professionals

H Clinical provides professional site support to help fill gaps, seamlessly integrate with research activities, and collaborate with investigators. As the most trustworthy source in Latin America, our focus on delivering patient-centric experiences goes hand in hand with helping sites and sponsors adhere to study timelines and budgets. What’s more, our localized expertise helps break down any barriers related to cultural nuances and regulatory challenges, keeping the focus solely on the patients.

Increased Enrollment Capabilities

Low patient enrollment and engagement are the most cited reasons why studies get cancelled. The ability to successfully activate studies on time requires the necessary staff to coordinate the research and to demonstrate the ability to effectively recruit and meet the goals for diverse participant populations. Increased capabilities are the key to expanding reach to help recruit and retain participants and meet patients where they are.

Strengthen Research Operations

Fielding a team that knows how to run a clinical trial is not as easy as it sounds. H Clinical has established a vast network of professionals with the expertise and knowledge to execute studies quickly and effectively. Coordination with the principal investigator and the rest of the research team, along with adherence to the study protocol, is where H Clinical adds value to research operations that need to scale for large studies or fill integral gaps in the study team.

Leverage our research expertise and in-country staffing across Latin America to reliably support your sites and studies.

  • Core clinical research roles
  • Seamless integration with research tasks
  • Quickly scale for large studies
  • Supplemental site staff capabilities
  • Experienced local professionals
  • No need to hire new staff
  • No overhead burden
  • No impact to study timelines

Our Solutions

Clinical Trial Services and Home Healthcare

Home Visits

Put patients at the center of the clinical trial experience

Patient Support Programs

Encourage adoption of patient-centered medication treatment plans

Patient Recruitment

Enhance clinical trial patient enrollment and retention

Clinical Research Staffing

Fill critical roles at sites with skilled and experienced professionals

Equipment + Supplies

Obtain high-quality, in-country medical equipment quickly

Storage + Infrastructure

Optimize timelines with in-country warehousing and logistics services