Engage local communities with cultural acumen. Tailor recruitment strategies to regional contexts.

H Clinical offers solutions to patient recruitment challenges in Latin America. Because we operate 100% locally, we provide a unique perspective and inclusive strategies that help studies reach enrollment goals.

Boost Patient Recruitment. Achieve Enrollment Objectives.

Solutions to Challenges

Latin America boasts a diverse population, making it an attractive region for clinical trials. Yet, several difficulties hinder the successful recruitment of patients. H Clinical provides solutions and strategies to address and overcome the most pressing challenges. Lack of awareness, socioeconomic factors, cultural and language barriers, logistics and transportation, and regulatory hurdles are areas where H Clinical shines brightest. This is because we provide an unmatched, localized approach to our solutions.

Successful Recruitment Strategies

Low patient enrollment is the most cited reason why studies get terminated. Up to 80% of clinical trials fail to enroll on time due to inadequate patient recruitment. H Clinical works with clinical research sites and pharmaceutical companies to implement health fairs and mobile clinics, quality screening and lab resources, and fully compliant AI-powered tools that find the right patients for confidential outreach for specific maladies or health events.

Offering Home Visits

Recognizing that lack of transportation and other economic disparities can deter participation, more research sites are embracing the option of extending home visits to potential participants. H Clinical is the leader in home visits for clinical trials across Latin America. This approach not only ensures access to the trial, especially in remote or rural areas, but also helps improve engagement and retention for the entire participant pool.

Solving Diversity Challenges

By addressing barriers that have historically hindered patient recruitment, enrollment, and retention, H Clinical helps provide pathways to more inclusive and representative research in Latin America. There are few organizations with country coverage to overcome cultural and language barriers from region to region. What’s more, the community engagement needed to build trust and rapport with underrepresented populations is part of our DNA, implementing mobile clinics and other patient-centric approaches to align trials with patients’ needs and preferences.

Leverage our community engagement strategies and patient recruitment solutions to achieve faster enrollment and higher retention goals.

  • Regional recruitment strategies
  • Unmatched in-country infrastructure
  • Local healthcare institution collaborations
  • Long-distance screening reach
  • Mobile clinics and pop-up health events
  • Patient education and health awareness
  • Community identification and outreach
  • Physician networks for patient referrals

Our Solutions

Clinical Trial Services and Home Healthcare

Home Visits

Put patients at the center of the clinical trial experience

Patient Support Programs

Encourage adoption of patient-centered medication treatment plans

Patient Recruitment

Enhance clinical trial patient enrollment and retention

Clinical Research Staffing

Fill critical roles at sites with skilled and experienced professionals

Equipment + Supplies

Obtain high-quality, in-country medical equipment quickly

Storage + Infrastructure

Optimize timelines with in-country warehousing and logistics services