H Clinical helps sponsors, CROs, and sites reach and retain more patients through the most reliable clinical trial and home healthcare solutions in Latin America.

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How it all started

It began with one patient visit. In 2011, we were asked to perform a home visit in a remote location for a rare disease patient. The patient was too sick to travel but showed promise from the investigational drug. We accepted that challenge, helped the patient, and a company was born.

Since then, we have conducted thousands of visits in hundreds of communities across 22 countries. H Clinical simplifies the complexities of clinical trials for sponsors, CROs, and research sites. Moreover, our solutions apply local approaches to meet the needs of all patients and studies. As a result, H Clinical stands alone as the most trustworthy source for delivering patient-centric clinical trial experiences and home healthcare in Latin America. This is because we are the leaders in home visits, patient recruitment, community research site networks, and localized infrastructure services such as staffing, depots, and supplies and equipment.

Our mission: Simplify clinical trials and deliver patient-centric experiences

At H Clinical, our commitment is to bring clinical research home, connecting sponsors, CROs, and research sites to the beating heart of Latin America. With an extensive network of dedicated professionals, an unmatched infrastructure footprint, and a profound understanding of cultural nuances, we simplify clinical trials in a region where we thrive. What’s more, our approach goes beyond conventional methods, engaging local communities with respect and empathy. In the end, we don’t just simplify clinical trials; we cultivate a bridge between global medical advancements and the rich heritage and culture of Latin American society.

Our core values: Trust the power of “H”

H Clinical sits at the heart of diverse and vibrant communities and engaged patient populations. The importance of our mission is achieved through our values that support the people of Latin America and establish trust in the power of “H”:

  • Humanitarian in serving all communities and people
  • Honesty in our trustworthy approach
  • Hospitality tailored to the unique needs of clients and patients
  • Humility in providing patient-centric experiences

H Clinical – Simplify Clinical Trials

As the industry-leading choice for home visits, H Clinical care providers make successful decentralized clinical trials fast and easy. Not only do we live the future of patient-centric clinical trials, but we also aim to revolutionize trial participation in Latin America.

We believe that clinical trials can reach more patients, recruit faster, boost enrollment, and improve retention. We also believe participant diversity is essential to ensuring that trial populations are representative of real-world patients.

A Community-Based Patient Organization

Enabling research in communities and in homes is a key component to achieving expanded engagement and the betterment of clinical research. The pursuit of these aspirations requires a company culture of forward-thinking, responsive, and patient-focused professionals.

H Clinical’s strength comes from its people and providers, dispersed throughout every corner of Latin America—but unified in mission.

Our purpose is simple: help clients navigate and implement a localized approach to clinical trials, backed by an unmatched infrastructure and unwavering dedication to putting patients and participants first. Join us on this transformative journey where clinical trials become an instrument of positive change, fostering a future where the pursuit of health aligns seamlessly with the cultural fabric of the region.

Meet Our Leadership

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Home Visits

Focus patient experiences at the center of clinical trials with responsive, quality home health visits across Latin America.

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Patient Support Programs

Encourage adoption of patient-centered medication treatment plans.

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Patient Recruitment

Solve patient diversity and enhance clinical trial patient enrollment and retention in an attractive region for studies.

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Clinical Research Staffing

Fill critical roles at research sites with skilled and experienced professionals.

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Equipment and Supplies

Avoid delays and save money on customs and hidden fees by obtaining high-quality, in-country medical equipment.

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Storage + Infrastructure

Ensure you have in-country infrastructure for your clinical trials.

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