H Clinical helps sponsors, CROs, and sites reach and retain more patients through the most complete home trial service offering in Latin America.

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As the industry-leading choice for home visits, H Clinical is known for taking any hybrid or decentralized trial and executing with speed and ease no matter the complexity, indication, or patient location. Our home health providers are uniquely positioned to provide the best patient care while following the rigors of clinical research. Plus, our project management and logistics teams are there to navigate the intricacies of supporting home visits in each country and for each research site.

For our clients and for our patients, we are accelerating the development of life changing therapies and vaccines by bringing clinical research home.

Our mission is to empower clinical trials to meet patients where they live.

10 words that drive everything we do. And they’ve never been more important. The dropout rate across clinical trials is 30% (CenterWatch, 2016) and trial participation must become less burdensome for participants (FDA, 2020). To overcome these challenges, we provide home visits anywhere and to anyone. We are not talking about the future of clinical trials and patient-centricity, we are living it, and so are our partners.

We support forward-thinking companies

…that understand the benefit of home visits in traditional clinical trials and companies adopting decentralized trials powered by virtual trial technology. H Clinical exists to make home visits a reality, to support patients, and to collect data that will positively impact human health.

We are H Clinical

We believe that clinical trials can recruit faster, enroll more, and improve retention. We also believe participant diversity is critical to ensure that trial populations are representative of real world patients. Enabling research in the home is a key component to achieving the betterment of clinical research and to expanding participation. The pursuit of these aims requires a culture as forward-thinking, responsive, and patient-focused as our services.

H Clinical’s strength comes from its people and providers, dispersed throughout every corner of Latin America but unified in mission.

It Began With One patient and One Visit

In 2014, we were asked to perform a home visit in a remote location for a rare disease patient too sick to travel, but showing promise from the investigational drug.

We took that challenge, helped the patient, and a company was born. Thousands of visits later, in 22 countries, we put the HOME, hopeful, helpful, healthy, happy, honest, and human in CLINICAL.

From small trials supporting few participants (NCT03539952), to large trials supporting thousands (NCT04505722), H Clinical is here for your trial, your patients.

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