H Clinical is the leader in clinical trials solutions, localized infrastructure services, and patient support programs across Latin America. We deliver patient-centric experiences and home healthcare through community-based strategies and integrated research site networks.

Our Solutions

Clinical Trial Services and Home Healthcare

Home Visits

Focus patient experiences at the center of clinical trials with responsive, quality home health visits across Latin America.

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Patient Support Programs

Encourage adoption of patient-centered medication treatment plans.

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Patient Recruitment

Solve patient diversity and enhance clinical trial patient enrollment and retention in an attractive region for studies.

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Clinical Research Staffing

Fill critical roles at research sites with skilled and experienced professionals.

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Equipment and Supplies

Avoid delays and save money on customs and hidden fees by obtaining high-quality, in-country medical equipment.

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Storage + Infrastructure

Ensure you have in-country infrastructure for your clinical trials.

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Local coverage
in 22 countries
in Latin America

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  • Depots
  • Operations