H Clinical supports all therapeutic areas and study designs. Whether small rare disease trials or large-scale vaccine studies, we provide the clinical trial solutions, home visit services, and infrastructure that simplify complexities and deliver patient-centric experiences to elevate clinical trial outcomes.

Support all clinical trial therapeutic areas in 22 countries across Latin America.

Our goal is to help expand patient recruitment for hard-to-find patients in challenging indications, improve retention for studies that require long-term follow-up, and support patient engagement through home visits by reducing the travel and financial burdens of trial participation while increasing patient centricity.

We understand the challenges and opportunities of drug development in each therapeutic area and the importance of bringing new products to market that will positively impact human health. H Clinical provides a unique advantage by serving as a single vendor for pharma companies throughout Latin America. This simplifies the process, ensuring a consistent, reliable, and integrated experience across borders.


Clinical trial solutions and research sites for any study category and therapeutic area.

Key Study Categories


Address the needs of children and families by optimizing pediatric studies. Home visits allow children to remain in the comfort of their home. Parents with rigid work schedules are afforded more flexibility to maximize limited time off or avoid loss of income if they cannot afford to miss work. What’s more, offering in-home options can boost the ability to effectively recruit and retain patients.

Rare Diseases

Rare disease clinical trials come with their own set of unique challenges, such as small patient populations, challenging patient recruitment to enroll dispersed patient groups, and dealing with the cultural nuances of tight-knit communities throughout Latin America. H Clinical has supported numerous rare disease decentralized trials with home visits that benefit rare disease patients with obvious limitations, including physical, financial, and personal support restrictions that impede travel to clinical research sites.

Clinical Trial
Therapeutic Areas of Expertise

Cardiovascular – Cardiovascular clinical trials in Latin America require specific expertise from an organization like H Clinical. Home visits make research more accessible to older populations and patients afflicted with disease. What’s more, the ability to improve and expand patient recruitment and help activate clinical research sites that are experienced in cardiovascular therapies can optimize studies and engage local communities.

Central Nervous System – Studies that involve central nervous system treatments and neurology-focused clinical trials benefit greatly from the diverse patient populations in Latin America. H Clinical can help customize patient recruitment strategies to regional and therapeutic contexts and build bridges between sponsors and clinical research sites to enhance patient access. Further, offering home visits enables a continuum of participant follow up as cognition or mobility changes and reduces the impact of trial participation on patient caregivers.

Dermatology – Dermatology clinical trials require medical knowledge of numerous conditions and relationships with a robust clinical research community that can implement innovative methods for patient recruitment using mobile site extensions and pop-up clinics. Home visits expand the patient recruitment paradigm for dermatology indications that must contend with significant competition for participants and site resources.

Gastroenterology – Gastroenterology clinical trials are important for patients who need therapies to help with liver diseases and gastrointestinal maladies. Community recruitment and mobile clinics help sites and sponsors access patients in Latin America where diseases like NASH are prevalent. Offering treatment through home visits also improves community engagement and patient retention.

Immunology and Rheumatology – The need for immunology research and new therapies to treat rheumatic diseases cannot be overstated. Chronic conditions make it incredibly difficult for patients, which in turn restricts the ability to effectively recruit and treat patients at traditional clinical research sites. Home visits not only serve to boost enrollment, but DCT modalities help those with chronic pain or mobility restrictions because patients are most comfortable at their homes.

Infectious Diseases – Infectious disease clinical trials have not slowed in demand since the global pandemic eased. Agility and the timely ability to stand up studies in Latin America requires a dedicated research community and a fully integrated patient organization like H Clinical. The goal is to optimize patient engagement to enable better recruitment results and retention. Plus, implementing DCTs and the availability of home visits provide an expanded scope in which to recruit by facilitating research in more rural areas where infectious diseases are more common. These visits also reduce the risk of diseases spreading by not requiring travel to the research site or medical center.

Metabolic and Endocrinology – Endocrinology clinical trials are often long-term studies at risk for patient dropout. Home visits reduce the burden on patients and their families and keep participants engaged.

Nephrology – Studies to develop therapies for those living with kidney disease make nephrology clinical trials (also known as renal trials) an important area where timing and connectivity between patient recruitment, clinical research sites, and optimal patient-centric care are paramount. Providing direct-to-patient options such as home visits for medical assessments and treatments during the clinical trial journey adds to the quality of life for those who may find it difficult to travel to a medical center.

Oncology and Hematology – Oncology studies have very complex paths to accelerate development, while at the same time providing care for cancer patients who are hopeful for cures and remissive treatments with positive outcomes. We partner with the top cancer centers and clinical research sites that specialize in oncology to accelerate recruitment and reduce the burden on patients. Home visits can reduce the hindrance of travel and better support cancer patients who are immunocompromised.

Ophthalmology – Ophthalmology clinical trials can make an immediate difference for patients who suffer from various retinopathies. Our ability to stand up mobile pop-up clinics can help boost recruitment and meet specific inclusion criteria. Home visits further improve enrollment and reduce or eliminate travel that is challenging for individuals who are impaired with conditions that impact sight.

Respiratory – From chronic respiratory conditions like COPD, cystic fibrosis, and asthma to allergic disorders such as allergic rhinitis and food allergies, Latin American countries host large patient populations to help round out global respiratory clinical trials. We have experience supporting numerous studies and our integrated community site network can help stand up studies and patient recruitment quickly. In addition, the inclusion of home visits in your trial model can help reduce the risk of exposure, decrease patient stress, and boost retention.

Urology – Urology studies are a mainstay of clinical development and applicable to both men and women. Overcoming challenges of patient recruitment for urological clinical trials starts with collaboration between clinical research sites and sponsors. H Clinical provides proactive coordination and communication, along with a host of effective strategies combined with a localized approach—even mobile clinics and quality screening and lab resources. Offering home visits decreases the discomfort of travel and helps ease the perceived embarrassment sometimes associated with urological ailments and conditions, which can improve patient enrollment and patient retention.

Vaccines – Vaccine clinical trials require speed and innovative trial designs. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, decentralized clinical trials have emerged as a promising model to address patient diversity while boosting patient recruitment, enrollment, and retention. A cornerstone of DCTs is the element of patient safety and there is no place safer than at home. Home visits support the need to stand up high-enrollment vaccine trials fast at clinical research sites. Further, sites that would otherwise not have the staffing or space capacity to perform follow-up visits benefit greatly from DCTs.

Women’s Health – Women’s health and reproductive health studies include multiple medical specialties such as obstetrics, gynecology, reproductive epidemiology, and more. Innovative trial models in recent years have incorporated home visits to improve patient recruitment of a population that is historically difficult to enroll. Hybrid trials and home trials also allow women to stay in the comfort of home during pregnancy and to reduce the burden of any health obstacles.

Our Solutions

Clinical Trial Services and Home Healthcare

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Put patients at the center of the clinical trial experience

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Encourage adoption of patient-centered medication treatment plans

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Enhance clinical trial patient enrollment and retention

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Fill critical roles at sites with skilled and experienced professionals

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