Mitchell Parrish to Present at the MRCT Bioethics Collaborative on Decentralized Clinical Trials

H Clinical President, Mitchell Parrish, is presenting at the MRCT Bioethics Collaborative on decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) and ethical challenges. As the leader in supporting decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) in Latin America, H Clinical understands the challenges DCTs face and how to overcome them. See here for more information: MRCT Center Bioethics Collaborative – The Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center of Harvard and Brigham and Women’s Hospital


We provide in-home health services for clinical trials across Latin America.

H Clinical is the leader in decentralized trial support in Latin America. H Clinical empowers sponsors to reach more patients and patients to participate from the comfort of home. Through an extensive network of GCP trained home health providers, logistics infrastructure, and clinical trial coverage from the Rio Grande to Patagonia, H Clinical is bringing clinical research home.