Challenges and Opportunities for Oncology Clinical Trials in Latin America

While heavily represented in cancer diagnosis statistics, Latin America is sadly underrepresented in oncology research. Cancer treatment trials are a critical piece in the treatment arsenal for patients with rare, lesser understood forms of cancer or treatment-resistant varieties. Yet a vast majority of the access to such research trials is centered in high-income locations like the U.S. and Europe. This lack of equitable access has outsized impacts on patient outcomes in these underserved regions.

One issue that researchers cite is difficulty performing research in Latin American countries, whether due to language barriers, lack of trust, or lack of access to centralized research sites. The solution for these challenges lies in the work happening in these countries by researchers who live and work there, and running decentralized trials that overcome barriers to access. 

H Clinical’s work in Latin America helps build these bridges between local researchers and participant populations to expand access to oncology research trials. Through a strong foundation of trust and the ability to work within these countries, our work on decentralized trials helps close the diversity and access gap while improving the body of clinical research centered on Latin American populations.

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We provide in-home health services for clinical trials across Latin America.

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