Are Decentralized Clinical Trials The Future?

The wealth of benefits from decentralized clinical trials is gaining more attention – many researchers relied on them during the COVID-19 pandemic – and these benefits are why they will likely become an industry standard in the near future. 

Attrition has been an ongoing challenge in clinical trials – many patients drop out due to time or travel constraints. Patients must get to the testing location and often spend several hours there. This often becomes burdensome. The advantage of decentralized clinical trials is that patients are seen and treated at home, removing this burden and increasing the likelihood that they’ll remain in the trial until completion. And as technologies like telehealth and remote patient monitoring continue to improve, data can be collected even when a researcher isn’t physically present. 

Health care provider in mask and lab coat meets with female decentralized clinical trial patient in her home.

For sponsors, setting up a decentralized clinical trial, especially outside of the US, working independently can present difficulties. The best solution is to partner with an organization that has “boots on the ground” in the desired region. By leveraging such a partner, you can benefit from their established infrastructure, client management solutions, and local networks. 

H Clinical has an extensive network across Latin America, making us an ideal partner to help sponsors and CROs manage their home trial projects. Fluency in clinical research, home health, regulatory requirements, and local culture are key elements in the work we do, alongside our logistics infrastructure that facilitate cost effective, efficient clinical trials. 

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We provide in-home health services for clinical trials across Latin America.

H Clinical is the leader in decentralized trial support in Latin America. H Clinical empowers sponsors to reach more patients and patients to participate from the comfort of home. Through an extensive network of GCP trained home health providers, logistics infrastructure, and clinical trial coverage from the Rio Grande to Patagonia, H Clinical is bringing clinical research home.